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In a world where we are exposed to chemical substances and products that not only enrich our lives, comes a thought that frequently returns into the impact of its catalysts on our overall health. We have many of these elements that come into contact with our bodies every day, medication for a headache, the work we accomplished every day to provide for our own luxury appliances that we need to be able to finish a day full, etc. Here is one that is not too mainstream, Phthalates.

What are phthalates (pronounced s-fa-la-thes)? These are a group of chemicals derivatives (salts or esters) of phthalic acid. They are composed of a benzene ring and two carboxylate groups positioned ortho and the size of the alkyl chain may vary. What does this translate into? It is a chemical element in the PVC composition that it retains flexibility in its average life span. Phthalates are commonly used as plasticizers for plastics (especially PVC, for example to form plastisols). Plastisols? Is it not the product that covers decks for outdoor play equipment? Yes indeed this is commonly used to cover the playground equipment that our children frequently use every day in the schoolyard, in the municipal park. Phthalates were also present in the toys our children use  until the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the US) applied a major derogation on the use of the chemical composition of children’s toys that can make their way into their mouth more often than an adult. This product mixture is also responsible for: declining fertility, testicular atrophy, reduced fetal weight, fetal death, malformations and is also a known carcinogen.

Kangoroo Playgrounds had concern for this problem and reacted with a coating based of urethane and not the familiar plastisol of our peers. We are the only ones in Canada to take this path and we are proud of our values to keep our customers safe as possible.

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