At Kan-Go-Roo Playgrounds Quality and Safety is extremely important to us. The certifications and qualifications below speak for themselves:
01-CSA CAN/CSA-Z614-14
Kan-Go-Roo takes great effort to ensure that all its playground equipment meet or exceed the CSA specifications on playground safety. Playgrounds sold in Canada are built in conformity to the standards outlined by the CAN/CSA-Z614-14
 02 CPRAInspector Certified Playground Inspector
Kan-Go-Roo has certified CPRA playground inspector on staff who evaluates playground designs and is available to answer any questions you may have regarding playground installation.
 03 certifications_07 CWB (Certified)
The CWB Group is dedicated to the enhancement of public safety and the success of our clients through the provision of welding certification, management system s registration and educational services.
Lean Manufacture (Certified)
 04 certifications_12 Lean Manufacture (Certified)
Kan-Go-Roo is a firm believer in the aspect of lean manufacturing, this means that waste is reduced and the customer does not end up paying for a company’s inefficiencies.
  ISO 9001 (2015) Certified
Kan-Go-Roo has the distinction of a being an ISO 9001 (2015) certified company. Product design and manufacturing processes are strictly followed with ISO 9001 (2015) certified process of manufacturing.
06 certifications_11 NPCAI International Playground Contractors Association
The international playground contractors association is dedicated to instructing proper playground installation techniques, and creating awareness for playground safety.
 07 certifications_05 Qualified Playground Contractor
Kan-Go-Roo Playgrounds has achieved the “Qualified Playground Contractor” status from the NPCAI. Kan-Go-Roo is dedicated to ensuring that a playground project is successful from start to finish. Visit the NPCAI web page for more information.
 08 certifications_13 IMPMA International Playground Manufacturers Assocation
IPEMA is an association dedicated to the promotion of quality and safely manufactured playground equipment. Its members regularly discuss current issues relating to playground construction.
 09 certifications_15 Corporate Sustainability Report
Kan-Go-Roo is dedicated to reducing waste and improving efficiency. These principales coincide with helping the environment. A corporate sustainability report has been created and is available for review.
 10 certifications_16 Quality Steel – Allied Steel
Quality steel is an important component in building playgrounds. The strength, durability, and corrosion resistance are all factors that should be considered when choosing playground equipment. Allied Steel offers steel that has been specifically designed for the playground market. For more information please visit.
 11 certifications_20 TGIC Free Powder Coating
Kan-Go-Roo uses quality super durable powder coating to ensure that our playground equipment color and finish is bright and colorful for the entire life of the products. The powder coating used is also TGIC free meaning that the paint does not have any heavy metals such as lead.